Zoltán Vándor T. arrived back from South Korea

Zoltán Vándor T. just arrived from the eventful shooting from South Korea.

Jerry from the Korean agency was praised by the work of Zoltán.

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Photos of Zoltán Vándor T. from South Korea

Zoli came back from his shooting in Soeul and sent us these photos below.

He will travel back soon for the second part of his work. We hope he will enjoy his trip as good as at first.

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Behind the scenes: Jófogás 3.

Behind the scenes: Jófogás 3. (Hungarian ebay):

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Coming soon: The Centenarian…

Soon, there will be the premiere of the The Centenarian Who Climbed Out the Window and Vanished. In the scenes, which were shooted in Hungary, many of our actors were played such as: Iván Dengyel,  Csaba Pethes†, László Tóth. Sadly, maybe this film was the last one with Csaba Pethes.


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Our actor is shooting in South Korea

Zoltán Vándor T.Our Actor, Zoltán Vándor T. has been chosen for a several week long shooting in South Korea. He arrived lucky to Soeul, his report will be published here soon.

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“Think Hungary”-imagefilm wins Silver Bear-Prize!

We are really proud of it!

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