About Us

Maria Boross – Managing Director


I have founded Hungaro Filmcasting Agency

with experience of 20 years as an actress

and several years as a casting director.



Our customers have a liking for our agency. We do local and offshore castings to fulfil requirements. Via a webcam, our customers can follow our casting work online in any part of the world. You can find any possible and impossible characters – actors and actresses, models, dancers, acrobats, musicians and ethnic groups in our 12-thousand database.

Our slogan is: ‘We always manage to solve everything!’

To maintain a constant contact with our cast members, benevolence and respect for one another are essential to us. Hungaro Filmcasting cooperates several European agencies. Our cast members have shot films in the USA, Turkey, India and other parts of the world. Several of our actors and actresses speak foreign languages, a lot of them are bilingual.

Our constantly expanding database guarantees success for the ones who try it: actors and actresses find their film, and films find the proper actors and actresses.

Our partners


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